$50/month membership (EBT Subsidies Available!) 

$100/month membership: Entry to Local Food

$120/month membership: Mamas & Nurturers Club

$300/month membership: Feducated Family Bundle

$1000/month membership: Food Sovereignty Bundle

What does my membership include? 

**includes free produce delivery & next day shipping (to addresses outside of our local delivery zone); food sovereignty bundle and can be divided by multiple people who desire to evoke a village mindset towards food security**

After you purchase Month 1, a subscription for $1000/month will be activated until you cancel. You may share this subscription with up to 5 family members (but one payment must be made and you would have to split payment between members outside of assistance from Deeply Rooted Produce).  

**Please note that if you opt to buy in a group, you are limited/dividing the resources that one person may receive for the entire membership. For produce delivery, we will only deliver to ONE address...