How do your subscriptions work? 

We have revitalized the way that we offer "subscription services" to be able to give customers more of a choice of what they would like weekly. 

What is a CSA?

A CSA means Community Supported Agriculture and it is a term developed by our ancestors to earn money for the farm growing season prior to the harvest being ready for consumpton. People participated by purchasing "a share" of the farm's harvest with acknowledgement of the risks and rewards that come with farming. Monies are paid in advance of the weekly or bi-weekly disitbrution and subscribers receive first choice as to what is available on the farm. 

Do you wholesale people's products?

Yes, we have different agreements with different product makers. Some we purchase all the product at a wholesale price and resell while others we have a consignment and.or an affilitate agreement where we earn our money a different way that is beneficial for both parties. 

Is all the produce you sell organic?

The produce we grow is not certified organic but we only grow our produce using natural and ancestral growing techniques that yield a better quality product. We only partner with farmers who have the same values as us when it comes to growing practices. 

Do you grow your own produce or just distribute other people's produce?

We grow our own natural produce on our farm on the East side of Detroit. We also agregate produce that we don't grow or need in larger quantities. Currently we only aggregate from Rescue MI Nature Now Inc. and purchase some wholesale fruits from Randazzo Fruit & Vegetable Inc. We have changed the way we distribute produce so that we only operate within our current capacity until we feel the desire to scale in a specific direction. 

How do I redeem my credit on the website?

On our end we will make sure that after you purchase your store credit, it will be applied to your Local Line account.  You must have an account with us on our Local Line website to be able to redeem your pre-purchased credit. You would visit our Shop Online Link, sign in, slect the items you would like to purchase based on how much credit you would like to. use. Then at check-out, you'd select "store credit" as your form of payment and any other form of payment (if you don't have enough credit to cover the entire cost). 

Do you offer Community Supported Agricultural Services?

Sort of. We've changed the way that people can get weekly and first dibs on produce. See the "How do you subscriptions work" question above.

Do you accept EBT, WIC Project Fresh, and/or Senior Project Fresh?

Yes, we accept EBT, Double Up Food Bucks ("DUFB"), WIC Project Fresh, Senior Project Fresh, Fresh Perscription Cards. We also have a special program sponsored by Michigan Fitness Foundation where EBT customers receive 75% off produce boxes and only pay $12.50 (while also receive $10 in DUFB) when they purchase a weekly box. Purchase that product here!