Detroit's First Official Zero Waste Mobile Grocery Store

Deeply Rooted Produce is a food distributor and food producer. 

Deeply Rooted Produce is a zero waste mobile grocery store with an online and physical presence in Detroit, MI. We source from BIPOC owned & operated family farms in addition to growing our own organic, all-natural produce. Farmers grow the produce and we dress it up to get ready for market and distribute it to relevant market channels in Metro-Detroit, whether to another store or directly to customers. As a mobile grocery store, we also place value added products in our store that helps add value to your life! Check out what in stock!

 We specialize in: 

Economic Sustainability

As Detroit's First Zero Waste Mobile Grocery Store, we prioritize access to healthy foods and bring the health home to you. All of our operations are cyclical and holistic and consider people, prosperity, planet, and profit to ensure that we have a viable business. 

Wholesale Distribution

We offer bulk purchases to pantries, small scale grocery stores, wellness stores and schools. We comply with the 10 cents a Meal grant requirements and work with the needs of your community members and also receive Government subsidies for specific forms of payment.

Environmental Sustainability 

We turn food that would otherwise be wasted into viable organic soil with our zero waste practices. Any fresh produce that is otherwise edible is turned into healthy & nutritious meals that are delivered to seniors in need. 

Community Building and Group Economics

Members of our subscription services get free access to our Sunday Dinners and free delivery/shipping to their home address in both Detroit, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona. We work in partnership with local farmers to increase their sustainability by increasing the reach of their products and decreasing food waste that starts at the farm. 


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Honorable Mentions:

We're in a book! 

Founder of Deeply Rooted Produce, Dazmonique Carr is featured as a "Change Makers" with others all across the country. Her she goes more in-depth about her story as to why she developed Deeply Rooted Produce and how she plans to grow and expand beyond her initial plans.